Patients are realizing they can improve their medical outcomes by taking responsibility for their own healthcare decisions in partnership with their providers and participating fully in the process

Patient portals have emerged as important tools in the ongoing effort to transform healthcare.

“FightObesity.Info”, Pakistan’s first patient portal, will provide a platform for obese patients and the population at large to gather and engage with each other in order to get educated and modify their behavior which either reduces their obesity or prevents them from becoming obese. We aim to fight obesity in our country and alleviate the miseries associated with this disease.

This portal will create awareness about the importance of fitness and healthy lifestyle in fighting obesity in Pakistan among people who are suffering from obesity or are overweight along with fitness conscious population in general.

Through we intend to create a support group for obese patients & their families, motivate fitness conscious people to interact with each other, share their lifestyle experiences and provide them with disease information resources. We also plan to connect the patients with doctors to get personalized advice along with maintaining their personal health records online.

FightObesity.Info will

Educate – Engage – Empower patients for a Healthier Life