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    It is true saying that families are one of the most important and lasting influences on the choices—health and otherwise—that children and youth make. What I have learned from my family is that once you get obesity is something which you can overcome with friends and family support you. It’s our family’s duty also to keep the obese person motivated to lose his or her weight. To make someone lose weight you don’t need to criticize his or her lifestyle you all need to tell them what affects and harm they are doing to their health. What I am today from an over-weighed person to fit body is all because of my family support.

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    i think one’s family plays an important role in keeping the person motivated in his fight against losing that extra weight!

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    Motivational campaigns, lectures etc… are at one side and family support is at other side if family won’t support ones diet plan so it become a problem to an obese person.
    But never give up hope… Fight isn’t always in between borders so keep up fighting with your body fat to get smart

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